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The Choro Music Project (CMP) uses the power of music to change the world, one grace note at a time.

What is the Choro Music Project?

The CMP is a social entrepreneurship that invests in rural and poor entrepreneurs around the globe through microfinancing. The concept of microfinancing involves making small business loans available to people who otherwise would not be able to access funding through traditional economic means.

How Does Microfinancing Work?

We are partnering with the microfinance non-profit Kiva, headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Borrowers make loan requests through various field partners located in-country. Kiva collects money from investors (e.g., CMP) to fulfill the loan and transfers the funds to the field partners for disbursement to the borrower. The borrower agrees to repay the loan to the field partner over time. Those repayments are sent back to Kiva and returned to the investors, at which time the money is available to be re-invested in another loan or withdrawn from Kiva. You can learn more about the process on Kiva’s website, or by watching the short video below.

(How Kiva Works from Kiva on Vimeo)

This “revolving loan” feature of Kiva’s microfinancing is one of the most desirable aspects of the program. Kiva’s repayment rate is nearly 99%. This means that any money loaned by CMP will almost always be returned to CMP to be invested in another entrepreneur. Kiva provides these low-income businessmen and women a “hand up” rather than a “hand out”, empowering them to make a living for themselves and their families.

Our Role

The CMP will invest a portion of profits made from our music, including gigs, events, and CD and merchandise sales. The minimum amount to be invested in a Kiva loan is $25. Once the loan is repaid, the funds are available to be re-invested again or withdrawn for business purposes, in order to promote and broaden the impact of the CMP.

Our goal is to be invested in every country in the world in which Kiva has field partners. Currently, Kiva is operating in 84 countries and growing. This will provide a truly global reach for CMP.

The CMP strives to be as transparent as possible while making a difference in the world. All CMP funds have been re-invested through Kiva to date.

Our Impact

  • 168 loans made

  • $4,125 total lent since inception

  • $726 currently outstanding loans

  • 79 countries invested


  1. Paraguay
  2. Nicaragua
  3. Chile
  4. Bolivia
  5. Honduras
  6. Guatemala
  7. Peru
  8. Colombia
  9. Azerbaijan
  10. Vietnam
  11. Uganda
  12. Sierra Leone
  13. Mexico
  14. El Salvador
  15. Tajikistan
  16. Georgia
  17. Israel
  18. Tanzania
  19. Togo
  20. Kenya
  21. Armenia
  22. Costa Rica
  23. Cambodia
  24. Lebanon
  25. Ecuador
  26. Palestine
  27. Iraq
  28. Kyrgyzstan
  29. Ukraine
  30. Benin
  31. Zambia
  32. Albania
  33. Pakistan
  34. Mongolia
  35. Kosovo
  36. Dominican Republic
  37. Philippines
  38. Jordan
  39. Timor Leste
  40. South Sudan
  41. Senegal
  42. Rwanda
  43. Samoa
  44. Indonesia
  45. Burundi
  46. Mozambique
  47. Congo
  48. Yemen
  49. Burkina Faso
  50. Ghana
  51. India
  52. Mali
  53. Cameroon
  54. Zimbabwe
  55. Nigeria
  56. Liberia
  57. United States
  58. South Africa
  59. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  60. Haiti
  61. Cote D’Ivoire
  62. Somalia
  63. Suriname
  64. Papua New Guinea
  65. Belize
  66. Panama
  67. Nepal
  68. Turkey
  69. Brazil
  70. Vanuatu
  71. Thailand
  72. Myanmar
  73. Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  74. China
  75. Malawi
  76. Egypt
  77. Madagascar
  78. Moldova
  79. Lesotho

All of the CMP loan history and stats are available on Kiva’s website.

How Can I Help?

  • Come to one of our gigs.
  • Hire us for your next event.
  • Keep in touch on Twitter and other social media (see upper right).
  • Donate to the CMP. Please note that donations are not tax-deductible, as funds are invested and repaid.